5 Steps to choosing plant for an apartment

May 17, 2022

There’s no need to give up a love of gardening (or shy away from cultivating one) just because you live in an apartment. There are plenty of things you can grow to enhance your space aesthetically, whilst also enjoying some health benefits (think increased oxygen levels and air purifying properties). This short guide will help you get started. How to pick the right plants for your apartment?

The type of plants you choose for your space depends on a number of things. Consider these when making your plant list:

  1. SUNLIGHT HOURS – research the amount of sunlight filtering into your apartment over the course of a day. Carefully observe the movement of the sun hour by hour, and note down which parts are in the sun or shade. At day’s end, total up the number of sunlight hours for each area. Full sun plants needs 6+ hours per day, while partial sun plants like 4-5. Partial shade plants enjoy 2-3 hours, while shade-loving plants are happy enough with an hour or less of direct daily sunlight.
  2. SPACE REQUIREMENTS – spend some time thinking about where you’d like to house your plants. Will it be along a windowsill, in a large pot, a hanging planter or perhaps on a vertical wall? Understanding your space is key when it comes to choosing the right plants. Once you have this sorted, read the plant labels carefully so you can match each plant’s growth rate to the area you’ll keep them.
  3. YOUR LIFESTYLE – all plants need water and food to survive. If you have a very busy lifestyle or are a tad forgetful, it might be wise to opt for low-maintenance plants. Things succulents like a jade, aloe vera or zebra plant. If you’re happy to spend time watering, feeding and perhaps pruning, consider plants that have a higher need level – a bonsai might be a great choice.
  4. FLOWERING SEASON & LONGEVITY – do you want foliage that lasts year-round, or are you happy to have a burst of colour according to season? Would you like a plant that will just keep on giving year after year, or are you ok with those that have a shorter lifespan? If you’re not sure, you can always go straight down the middle by including a few of each.
  5. GETTING THE RIGHT DESIGN MIX – many people consider their apartment décor when choosing plants. Some like to focus on a mix of green foliage filtered throughout the apartment with a few pops of colour. Others going for a minimalist look choose a large statement piece placed against a stark wall, such as a fiddle leaf fig. Consider your design aesthetic and pick plants accordingly.

Once you’ve gone through this checklist, you will hopefully have a better idea of what plants suit your apartment space and style. It’s now time to go plant shopping. When you do, take the time to read plant labels carefully with relation to sunlight, growth and care needs. If in doubt, you can always seek the advice from us or a gardening professional at your local nursery to help you remain active in a smaller apartment space.