Child Window Safety

January 21, 2022
Child Window Safety

Under the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Regulation 2013, windows within a strata scheme that pose a risk of serious injury from falls must be fitted with devices that is capable of restricting the opening of a window to 12.5cm. 

This amendment was introduced to prevent children from falling from windows. 

There are a few common misconceptions with the installation of window safety lock. One of which is the inability to open a window after a window lock device has been fitted. This is a misconception because a compliant window lock should enable the window to be fully opened, fully closed or locked at 12.5cm to prevent falls. 

Another misconception is that since the implementation date of the window safety locks legislation is 13 March 2018, the owners are not held liable for any falls until that date. This is untrue and owners may be held liable for failing to uphold their duty of care responsibilities, as window falls are a known risk.  

As the implementation date draws closer, many reputable window safety lock installers are getting increasingly busy. So do not delay getting your windows inspected and fitted with safety devices.